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The only professional-quality small cold ironwork machine at a price affordable to everyone

What is it for?

Scroll bender

Our patented centre enables perfect scrollwork to be made and for it to be repeated on a mass production basis using our stop.
Maximum square section of 10mm (0,39'') and iron flat measuring 30 x 5mm (1,18'' x 0,20'')
Scroll bender

Bending machine

Our bending machine enables you to bend metal up to 120° to the right or left.
Maximum square section of 5mm (0,20'') and iron flat measuring 20 x 5mm (0,79'' x 0,20'')
The protractors engraved on the plate and the stop's settings enable precision bending, particularly for mass production.
Bending machine

Circular bending machine

3 circle templates
39'', 59'' and 78,4''
100mm, 150mm and 200mm
Maximum square of 10mm (0,39''). Iron flat measuring 20 x 5mm (0,79'' x 0,20'')
Circular bending machine

Plus pro

A plate as good as the best ones on the market, featuring all the essential information engraved on a ruler, 2 protractors, a fixed or adjustable stop, a slider for work on the flat or the edge, a user's instructional video on a USB stick, templates for the first parts, and a drawing so you can make the base of this machine, which will make it more comfortable to work on
Plus pro

The special feature of our machine, designed and made entirely in France, is to target a clientele that mainly consists of home handymen and that is simple and effective thanks to our experience with this type of machine. You will quickly be able to mass produce cold ironwork parts using a stop in order to make original assemblies.

The Scroll Bender, the bending machine and the circular bending machine (100mm, 150mm and 200mm - 39'', 59'' and 78,4'') are the 3 tools including in the kit - no optional extras, no need for additional accessories.

A vice for fastening the plate of our machine and for you to work on.

For greater comfort, you will be able to manufacture a base, for which we enclose a drawing in the USB stick that you will find in the carton.

Unlike Ednor, Volukit, Volutex, Wolutor or Combivolute, we work using a stop, like the Vulcain and Supervulcain, but at a much more affordable price.

The special feature of Ironvolute is that it only works small sections of metal, aluminium or other materials.

On our plate you will have all the information required for working comfortably, protractors, double decimeter and various practical references and of course lights so the stop can be used right around the plate.

With Ironvolute you will be able to make a grille, a gateway, window bars, decorative objects, guardrails, small pieces of furniture, etc.

See the demonstration video showing the functionalities

Our services

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Delivery is additional and is carried out by the Fedex international express service.

The machine will be shipped once payment is received.
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3-year guarantee
A full guarantee is provided for the whole machine for 3 years. See our general conditions of sale for further information about the guarantees offered.
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Technical support is provided via e-mail. Our advisors will reply to you in your language using machine translation tools.
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On the USB stick enclosed with the machine, you are provided with the full demonstration video.

To train yourself, you can make your first parts by closely following the templates provided on the USB stick.

Please feel free to contact us!

Information and data sheet

Ironvolute is sold complete with its 3 tools.

The assembly includes:

The plate, the scrollwork centre, the 140 scroll, the 210 scroll, the enlargement scroll, the 3 templates for 100mm, 150mm and 200mm - 39'', 59'' and 78,4'' circles, the stop, the professional slide, the shaft, all the screw fastenings, the drawing for the base, and the USB stick.

Download the full PDF documentation

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